Disposable Face Shield

Patent Application No. 109204424

Disposable Face Shield

High Transparency .  Anti-droplet, Anti-Splash . Repeating Use after Sterilized with Alcohol

Another type to fix facial shield:

By thread the rubber band or facial mask rope through the two-side holes in forehead band and fix it.




Through Type

By thread glasses through this hole


Fix Type

Bend the plate as holder in order to fix glasses




  • PET Made, Light Weight
  • Anti-Smudge, Mist Melted Easily
  • Anti-Splash
  • Disposable Face Shield
  • Repeating Use after Sterilized with Alcohol 
  • High Transparency, No Vision Blocked
  • Bendable
  • Recyclable and Non-Toxic
  • Adjustable, Fit with any Head Size
  • Big Coverage